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The Curse Of Buried Treasure

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Interesting story, IMHO the only curse in this story is the stupidity of the 2 detectorists, going from what would've been a life changing discovery and great financial gain to big jail time!!! :tisk-tisk:

I want to know what detectors they were using if indeed the treasure hoard was 3 feet deep!!

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The European PI detectors will do 3' easy. 

We used a Lorenz deep max at Glorieta. It had no problem finding targets that deep. 

The Pulse Star found a baseball sized pallasite way past 36" . It is tough to say exactly because the spoil pile was a couple feet high around the hole and it was on a steep hillside. But the hole we dug was probably close to 48" deep.

We used the regular coil on a pole to find it too. Not the 48" square PVC frame for deep seeking. That big PVC coil will go much deeper. I'd say in excess of 6 feet on a big object. Maybe more.

They aren't nugget detectors and don't do well on tiny objects. But you can hit a beer can sized target at 48" with little problem.

Lorenz is the big name in Europe. I would bet that's what they were using. There are several other German detectors that are all about the same idea and are tuned for big objects really deep. Lots of people over there use them. 

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I simply can't imagine trying to dig a hole 32" deep in some of the "soils" typical in the western states. The closest I came was helping a friend digging a 26" hole in a wash. I just about had a heart attack. PS...it was a soda can.

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