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True story!

Dakota Slim

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A friend of mine, Wade, lives in the Motherload and one of his friends pulled a good one on him. 
Wade's friend sent his son to see Wade and had him casually mention that there was tons of fools gold on his dad's property in Kern County.
The boy did as his father requested and pulled a really nice 4 ounce real gold specimen out of his pocket to show to Wade.   
He handed it to Wade and Wade just about crapped his pants. 
Wade told the boy it was real gold and the boy said "No way, we have truckloads of that stuff on our property." 
Wade picked up the phone and called his friend to tell him it was REAL gold. Just like the boy, his friend said "No way. I have truckloads of that stuff on the property."
Then he added, "If you want to drive down here I'll help you load your pickup."
Wade gave the specimen back to the boy and told his friend he was on his way. It was about a 2 hour drive and about an hour later Wade's friend called him back 
to tell him that he had been had.
What are friends for, anyway?

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