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Second opinion please?

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Its not a meteorite. 

It looks like slag to me. It could be volcanic.

Is that a saw mark low in the last photo?

It looks folded. And the inclusions. Lots of holes. It looks like it was molten. None of this is characteristic of an meteorite.

Grind a spot on it. Check out the inside. It isn't a meteorite but you can learn a lot about meteorite ID by going ahead and testing it. 

Grind a window. Note the streak color. Look for free metal. Observe the inclusions. 

If it is slag it may have free metallic iron in it. 

Magnetism means iron. Your job is to determine if this iron is mineral or metallic. Once you find that out then you will know a lot more about what it could be. 

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If it Is really "magnetic" as you say, that would mean a natural magnet with the ability to attract without the magnetic field being induced.  Lodestone is an example. Possibly you meant that it is attracted to a magnet which is quite different.  Then you are talking about magnetic susceptibilty. 

Whatever it is, just looking at your pictures, no outward indicators that it is extraterrestrial can be seen.  Its rare that a rock from space doesn't show some indication of the violent passage thru the earth's atmosphere.  Even if you can't see flow lines with the naked eye, sometimes such indicators are still seen thru use of magnification. 

Some other indicators found on rocks from space are regmaglypts, melting, flowing and redepositing of material such as is the case with rollover lips, and fusion crust, primary or secondary.  None of those do I see on your rock.  


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