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Why keep a rock like this ?

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Dear Forum, During the clearing of a storage unit I came across this rock. Before I toss it at the garbage I am curious why people keep this rock paper weight for so long ?  
Is it something out of the ordinary as to me it looks like a rock ? Size is 20cm x 25cm x 8cm approximately with a weight of  a bit under 7kg. Approximate density is 1.8g/cm3 so not heavy enough to be a meteorite I guess ? Would be appreciated if someone could have a look at the reddish stone which does not attract a magnate by the way. 

Thanks so much for your advise. 

Br, Rob


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It looks volcanic in nature so my guess is basalt. Definitely not a meteorite.

Who knows why someone kept it? Doesn't have any value. Maybe they used it for a doorstop or something.

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