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First nugget with the 6000 with Pros and Cons

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Went to Quartzite with my brother, Shep, and got my first nugget with the GPX6000. Nugget weighed 0.6 g and was found about 3"-4" in a real trashy area. I love the machine but have had some serious problems with it. Here are the Pros and Cons and my story

Pros: light weight (I can swing it for hours with no problems), detects both small and larger targets in shallow or deeper holes, wireless headphones are great (when they work)

Cons: Quality of manufacturing.       On my first outing in November to Q, the machine developed an intermittent interference problem coming through the headphones, and I noticed something loose inside of the machine. I contacted ML and they said to send it insured to their service center in PA. That cost me $180. The Detector Center found 2 loose shaft screws inside of the main box. One was completely off and the other was loose. Again - this was my FIRST outing with the 6000. They also found that the headphones would not pair with the machine. They sent back the repaired 6000 along with a new set of headphones. Besides the lack of quality control, MineLab will not reimburse me for the $180 spent to send it back due to a defect in their machine.         


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Yes! Great find. Glad you got one. It was a really great time getting together with everyone again.

Tom H.


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