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Black sand testing with metal detectors.


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I have two metal detectors. One is a monster 1000 I know it goes to a solid sound when I hit a patch of black sand. 
I also have a new ger gold seeker. This machine does have a solid sound but when there is gold in the black sand there is a high pitch to the sound. Indicating gold is there. 
I did have a Equinox 800 which also did the same thing in black sand because I had it in the same area. The same as the monster 1000. It loses it’s detecting capabilities. 
I wanted to see if any other metal detectors was able to detect gold in black sand or not. 

replies are recommend. I want to find out about other detectors being used in black sand. Or do people stop and move away because of the black sand. 

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My experience has shown the Minelab 2100,2200,GPExtreme, the3000,3500,4000,4500,5000, and I would wager without the experience the newer 6000,7000, will all pull gold nuggets out of areas with black sands.

You need to get with some experienced handlers of these Minelab PI detectors and spend some time out in the field.

Maybe join a Prospecting Club if you haven't already and go to their outings experience " Nugget life" befriend some active members that are successful at Nugget hunting.

And start to learn the areas you want to detect a lil Geology.

Remember the best gold detectors in the world won't find gold if it's not there.

Good luck and Happy Huntn.

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