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Treasure Found!

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Pictured is a dresser that my mother bought new about 1968. It is a maple dresser with cedar lined drawers. 


I remember driving from Sheridan Wyoming to Billings Montana in the snow to pick it up in a brand new 1968 GMC pickup truck.

I have moved this dresser all over the West in the past 55 years. We moved it from Wyoming to Colorado. Then to Kansas and Texas. We went to Iowa and then back to Wyoming. Then to Idaho and Washington. About 1974 it came to New Mexico. It has been in six homes since.

My step father died recently leaving my mother alone at 94 years old. I invited her to come stay with me. She decided she needs to get rid of some of the old furniture because mine is in much better shape.

I posted this dresser on Facebook Marketplace this morning. Within an hour a lady called me and wanted it. 

We made a deal and my son and I delivered it this afternoon. We were joking about how heavy it was. I joked to the buyer that it was probably full of gold. She told me that if she found gold she would call me. 

Yeah right.

We put the dresser where she wanted it and we went on our way. In about 5 minutes she called me and told me she had found something that I would want. 

I turned the truck around and went back. She was standing in her driveway with an envelope full of money and a roll of nickels.

Taped to the bottom of a drawer was 50, $100 bills. Rolling around behind the drawers was a $2 roll of nickels.

I stood there dumbfounded. I couldn't imagine how that money got there. It certainly wasnt my mom's nor my father's. It could have only been stashed there by my step father within the last 30 years or so.

I counted it out on the hood of my truck. I gave her the money back for the dresser and handed her one of the $100 bills and the roll of nickels.

I drove back to mom's house and gave her $4900 cash from the sale of the dresser. She was dumbfounded. She had no idea there was a stash under the drawer. 

I had found money hidden all over the place as we were cleaning out his stuff. A few hundred dollars in a half dozen little stashes. I hadn't taken the drawers out of any furniture though. 

I should have.

There is a chest of drawers, two night stands, a desk and a file cabinet left in my step fathers room. Tomorrow we are going to look under all the drawers in hopes he taped a few thousand more somewhere. 

What a hoot! I didn't expect to find treasure today. And I didn't expect to go treasure hunting tomorrow. But it looks like that's what we are going to do.



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We didn't find any other stashes. I think I have looked everywhere a few bills might be hidden. 

There is no doubt my stepfather liked to make little stashes of money. But that one was not little.

It had to have been there for years. I bet he knew exactly where it was until he got to the point he didnt know where anything was. 

Bless his heart. He provided us with yet another adventure even after he passed.


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