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Modded 4500 for sale


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For Sale-
Last trip out, was able to run this 4500 for a couple of hours max. Even with hipstick and bungy- arm hurt. Finished trip with Equinox 800. I need to pass it on. This Minelab 4500 modded by Woody is phenomenal! We did a test down at one of Bill S's outings. Buried a 1/2 gram "lead nugget" at 16". Only Bill's Woody modded 3000 and this 4500 heard the target at a respectable height over it. A 5000 couldn't hear the target and 7000 could if you scraped ground. Detector works perfect.
Along with the detector included all components I've collected over the years:
12" EVO w/ shaft, 14" Mono Advantage w/ shaft, 17"NF oval advantage w/ shaft, 12" oval Coiltec w/ shaft, 11" ML stock DD coil. Extra shafts. Doc's Gold screamer Power supply with several extra batteries and two chargers. Stock brick battery and backpack. Koss headphones with cordless setup. Speaker and extra power cords. Doc's Nugget Stalker pick w/ 2"x2" rare earth magnet (new).
One could probably piece all the extras out and get the detector for free. When I went on my trips, wanted backups for every thing. Last time I looked Woody's mod was running around $2200. Anyway I want $2000 for the complete outfit. I'm located in central Arizona. Pretty much too much to ship.
Tom Shepherd 'Shep' 559-658-0243

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