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This 'bust' is from the Advertising Club of New York.  It was found on a beach in Santa Monica at over 1 foot in depth with my Equinox 800 I bought from Bill.  It came in at a 38-39 (pot metal) and it weighs just over 1.9 lbs.  These pictures were taken with water covering the statue where I found it on the beach.


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Considering the environment where it was found and the fact that it's plated zinc I doubt it has been there very long. Plated zinc is basically a battery when exposed to salt water. Think zinc penny.

This statuette is called an Andy. These things are given out like candy on halloween each year. There literally is no limit on the number of awards. It costs $1,500 per submission to enter and just about everybody in the advertising business makes at least one submission a year. The award system is set up as a non profit so your submission costs are considered a donation and are tax deductible in part.


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