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Is it or isn't it

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Looks like basalt to me. It's not a meteorite.

Meteorites are magnetic, have free metallic iron, chondrules and fusion crust. I don't see any of the above.

Grind a window in it. Do a streak test. Show us some free metallic iron and chondrules. Without these basic observations there is no way to tell an terrestrial rock from a meteorite. And without some free metallic iron or chondrules in there somewhere it's just not a meteorite 

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1 hour ago, Jeremy Blohm said:

I'm located in oceana county in west Michigan and we dont find much basalt around here and when it is found it nice an smooth from being carried by the glaciers that carved the great lakes. 

Then you have a big chunk of something that looks like basalt to me. 

The process for identifying basalt is the same as a meteorite. Streak, window, etc.

If you want to know what it is do the basic observations. If you want to know what it isnt then take my word for it. It's not a meteorite.

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5 minutes ago, Jeremy Blohm said:

What is your recommendation for cutting/grinding a window? I have a block saw with a diamond blade a 9 inch grinder and a 2x72 belt grinder. I dont think I will be holding it up to the belt grinder though.

You don't need a grinder. Just take a hammer and knock off a hunk where it's fractured. That should be enough to tell if it's a meteorite. I agree with Bob. It's not a meteorite.

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I use a piece of ceramic belt sander belt glued to a 1/4"x 1" oak stick. About 120 grit. 

You just need a peek at the matrix below any oxidation on the exterior. And note the color of the filings that are ground off. 

If it is magnetic you are trying to determine the chemical state of the iron attracting the magnet. Whether it is mineral or free metallic iron. The iron in a meteorite is never oxidized (no oxygen in space). Terrestrial iron (mineral) is always oxidized (magnetite, hematite, goethite, limonite, etc.) So all you need to do is scratch it a bit to determine that. 

If it is not magnetic then streak color is a moot point. A window may reveal a better look at the unweathered matrix and we could take a wild azz guess as to the type of rock it is. 

I'm sticking with a volcanic rock. It looks just like every rock in the western half of New Mexico. But as far as a meteorite goes it just has no meteoritic characteristics at all (that I recognize).

Whack a chunk off with a hammer and chisel. See what it looks like on the inside. 

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