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Meteor impacts Ensisheim 529 years ago in oldest recorded impact

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The Ensisheim meteorite was seen as a divine omen signifying divine favor over future Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, and spread through the use of the printing press.

November 7, 2021 marks 529 years since the commonly accepted date a heavy stony meteorite crashed into modern-day France in what is one of the oldest known meteorite impacts on Earth in recorded history.
Now known as the Ensisheim meteorite, the object crashed into the ground outside Ensisheim in the Alsace region, forming an approximately 1-meter deep impact crater. No one was hurt in the impact, which was said to be witnessed by just a young boy, but word soon spread throughout the city.
The meteor itself weighed 127 kilograms and was classified as an ordinary chondrite, the most common type of meteor. This classification means it is stony in composition and was never modified before breaking off from its parent asteroid. There are tens of thousands of known meteorites of this type, so in theory, the Ensisheim meteorite itself shouldn't stand out too much.
But what makes this meteorite so significant is not just that it impacted and that its impact was recorded, but the influence it had on subsequent historic events.
The meteorite quickly became seen as a divine omen, though the exact meaning was unclear at the time. Regardless, it was instantly seen as something divine, which had caused the people of Ensisheim to quickly begin breaking parts off to be used as good luck charms - though the local chief magistrate quickly put a stop to it, hauling it to the local parish church.


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Wow! Check out the socket where a huge chondrule fell out of that thing!

It's just a little left of center mass. Really sharp and clear. Just to the left of the break in the fusion crust.

You can see more eroded sockets and bulges where big azz chondrules are under the surface. It's just lumpy with them.

I wonder if someone knocked it out for a souvenir? The socket does not look rounded or ablated at all.

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Maybe it was where a peanut fell out.
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