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Simple Formula For Determining Gold In Matrix Weight


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A buddy of mine in Arizona found what appears to be a nice sized gold in calcite and quartz specimen. Approximately 4" x 2.25" x 1.5".

Is there a simple formula for determining the weight of the gold in it? I've seen a few different formulas on the forum..some with easier calculations than others.

Quartz has a specific gravity of 2.67 and calcite is 2.71 so he's not too worried about that. He just wants a rough estimate.


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2 hours ago, frank c said:

You must suspend the piece being weighted in a container of water by a thread completely submergered and not touching the sides.

I use purified/ bottled or distilled instead of tap.

I like Miller Lite because it tastes great.

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3 hours ago, frank c said:

I've used this one for many years,

Dry weight × 3.07

Wet weight × 1.16

Subtract the smaller number and the result will equal Gold weight.

Happy Huntn 🤠


That's the one I was looking for.


This formula should be locked on top for future reference.

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This is the calculator that I always use.

There was a contest run by JP on another forum that said he wanted anyone to use his numbers but you had to calculate the gold in his specimen.  This formula won that contest.  I have to admit that I only try to make very accurate measurements and the 'formula' will calculate the gold.  If something is 'wrong' it is because I measured wrong especially on large pieces of matrix/quartz and small amounts of gold.



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