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Kilbourne Hole Peridot

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I went out to Kilbourne Hole for the first time with my boys this past Saturday.  We only cracked rocks for about 1hr but came out with one beauty.  I spent about 3hrs picking it apart and got quite a few quality peridot gem stones.  I'm not quite done picking it a part but does anyone know how much these might be worth?




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Individually..not much I'm afraid. If they were bigger and suitable for faceting, that would be a different story.

But I'm sure you had a great time and that's even more valuable than the stones worth.

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Some of the crystals out there are as big as the end of your thumb.  We used to find one like that every day and a hand full of the little ones. 

My uncle used to sell everything we found. Im not sure what they were worth. It was a very long time ago.

The nice clear ones pea sized and bigger are certainly worth something. Where you might sell them I don't know. 

There used to be a jewelry manufacturer in Mesilla Park that bought stones and metal scrap. Im not sure if they are still in business. I know there are several in Albuquerque. That is where I would go to get info on quality and value.

Check out Mamas Minerals. Someone there will definitely have good info for you.

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Yea, that's what I've seen if you just google Peridot on etsy you'll find tons of it for sale really cheap.  It looks like the full rock/mineral specimens go for much more then the raw crystals.  The piece in my first photo might go for $40-50 online.   Which isn't to shabby, but the crystals unless they are huge aren't worth much....and since the Kilbourne Hole bombs cooled rapidly compared to other Peridot sourced from lava tubes you'll never find "the big one" from this location.  

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