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I was wondering if XFR or fire assay would id the source of gold on my claim? My claim lies along the western flank of the Motherlode gold belt and it is enriched by several sources (most known). It would be nice to see if I can id the souce or see if there is any others.

On another note, how do you turn off the underline?

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when you are typing a post, if you select the underline key in the tool bar just above your entry you can get this effect.  I this what you are referring to?      If so just hit the space bar a few times then highlight those few spaces and hit the underline key again.  That should stop the underlining and you are good to go to type regular again.  HTHs 

The XRF analysis should pick up variances in the other minerals present.  Might have to repeat the testing a few times on several samples


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