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Getting a banned notification on cellphone internet.

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I will look into to this later today when I get home from work and see if I can find out why this is happening.

It's obvious that you're not banned or you couldn't of have posted this, it only seems to be only an issue with the IP address from your phone, when someone gets banned it flags not only your username but also the IP address so that person/bot can't re-register with that IP address using a different username, it seems that possibly somehow your phone IP address is showing as an IP address that was used by a Spammer/bot that was banned in the past.

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I have check all the info I can on your profile and can't find any issues.

I don't think I can find the issue without knowing the IP address that is being used by your phone when it's using the cellular network, but since the forum isn't allowing you to login using that IP address it isn't showing up in relationship to your profile.

You may want to talk to your cellular provider and see if they can find the issue from their end.

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