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Are these fossilized corals?


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What makes you think those are fossilized?

With coral, it will bleach in the sun to look a lot like your pics depending on the variety, but will be a very light sample.  For perterification, the original gets replaced with other minerals and will make this heavier.

I find bone is really light also.  I lived on a tropical island for 14 years, and there was plenty of corral that would look fresh decades later, with the exception of bleaching in the sun.  I don’t have much experience with bone.

My GUESS, is all those samples are bone with the bubbles being marrow.  If it was petrified, I would expect the minerals would have filled up those holes.

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None of these are fossils.  They are are all recent (modern) material.  The first pic is a modern coral fragment, the rest is bone of a mammal.

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