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BIG Nugget Found at the LSD

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A big specimen was found at the LSD recently and yes I have seen it. It is in orange stained Quartz with gold spider webbed all through it along with blobs of gold! Very water rounded as well which was interesting and it has a lot of gold in it! How this one has waited this long to be found is mindboggling, but I can't share a location. Guess everyone figured it was just too loud a target to be gold :ROFL:

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2 hours ago, mn90403 said:

I know a story exactly like that 'too loud' to be a nugget story that happened in The Dale to Martin.  Joe found it and Martin still tells that story.

Funny isn't it. I have been told a place has been over picked, yet come out with gold.

I have seen others pull gold where some say there is none.

Gold is where you find it, lol. No, you just have to know where to look for it....

Big difference........

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I'm surprised that we get to see as many photos of gold as we do, especially pics of larger more valuable nuggets and specimens. The desire for secrecy, and confidentiality to avoid tax liability, among other things, (alimony etc.), cause some people to be extremely cautious about publicity. And rightfully so IMO.  

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