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I started looking at MLRS today, the new BLM claim filing system.  I like it a bit more than what was out there before.

I started to search through the Plats, and I found something called the Malibu placers I'd like to put eyes on.  I thought that was the mythical local placer I found in one of the earlier AZ Mining pubs. If you live in central AZ and you've read what's put out by the AZ dept of mines, I'm sure you've seen the reference about a placer by Wickenburg.

Turns out this mid 20th century Malibu claim is a patented claim: 


That looks like this nowadays:


Turns  out I've driven by this many, many times.  I don't know if this was ever an active mining claim, at least in the way that I'd like to thing of it as a claim.  There were a few patented claims in Arizona that were staked and worked with ill intentions including salting some workings with the intent of "Proving" mineral worth to the BLM, but was salted with enough gold to have the BLM approve the patent, and would later use the land for purposes other than what the survey was created for.

Not saying this is the story of this Malibu placer, just there's some history in Arizona like that.  For all I know, this could have been the mythical local placer I've been looking for.

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