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First Big Outing.

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I'll be, a 1955 Chevy, that was 10 years before I was born.   But that top ornament is identical, part of the tail is missing, part of it looks to be a fresh break.  Chris dug it and the ground is really hard.  

About all of the places that I've detected go back to around 1900, give or take.  Some a good bit before.  Most of these folks didn't have 2 Dimes to rub together.  

But you know when I'm out, an old Nickle is a good find.  Years ago I found a V Nickle, that's a neat find to me.  

But, Terry, those settings that you're using, would make for a long and boring day, in the places I'm detecting.  If I'm not mistaken, those settings would eliminate gold coins too.  Maybe I'm wrong?  

Rifle brass is giving me somewhere around an 18 on the Minelab.  I mean centerfire rifle brass.

Yesterday I was out looking for the farmer's keys again, I found a dime, it was giving me a 25.  Also found a nickle, forget what it was reading?  But it sounded good.  

I should have a break later today, tell you where I'm going.  There was a gate between 2 properties, it's long gone, the fence is pretty much just a scab on the trees.  I'm not sure, but I figure there were school kids that went through that gate.  We shall see.  The landowner also told me about a handdug well, so I'm going to check it out too.  If I can find it.  

But our big game hunting seasons are coming in, archery deer and bear season is in now.  So, I'm about done detecting for this season.  

But we shall see.

I'm going to post a pic of some junk in a minute, maybe you guys can ID it for me?


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In the first picture, the 4 Quarters on the right don't count.  I found those here at work.  The rest of the coins I've dug, plus a few more.

If you look at the top right of the first pic, I think that's a brass lid to a snuff box?  It's hard to get the lighting right, but I was told the other little box thing might me a match box?  The big glob of lead looking stuff, is I think linotype?  It's harder than lead.  

In the second picture is the Dime, I found it the very first day that I had this new machine on the ground.  Figured that was a good omen.  1913.  It sounded good.  

The little thing on the left, I've been told it was a junk ring?  It'll sparkle, but looks like it's missing stones or something?  The little thing on the right, I'm not sure, but I think it was a tree ornament?  Tiny little thing, someone missed it when the dragged the tree out of the house?  Maybe.  

But that's most of everyting decent that I've found, recently.  I've got a table full of junk, truckbed is full too.  

The 1946 Dime I found the other day, had it here at work showing it to some friends.  It was a pretty coin.  A guy asked me what I wanted for it.  Told him that I wasn't going to sell it.  Then asked if 46 meant anything special to him.  That was the year he was born.  So, I told him, it's all yours.  

He's a good friend, good customer and veteran, so that was a good deal.  

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