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Earthquakes causing lights in the sky

Bedrock Bob

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11 minutes ago, Au Seeker said:

IMHO most of what I saw on the videos were what I would speculate as high voltage electrical shorts, this just from watching the videos, and then when I read the article this was also stated by the earthquake geologist's opinion.  

Mighty big arc blasts. But the sky was cloudy and the clouds sure carry the light. You might be right.

It was the right color for an arc blast. And in Mexico everything is on power poles. So what we see could be arc blasts from power lines I suppose.

It's darn sure not lightning. It looks ground based. Not a discharge between earth and sky.

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I’ve seen this before during the Landers’ quake. Out camping near Joshua Tree and the giant boulders were throwing spawls around and making big clunking noises.  Remember seeing blue flashes in the air towards town. 

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