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H.R.5717 - Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020

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§ 932. License to own firearms and ammunition
“(a) In General.—Except otherwise provided in this section, it shall be unlawful for any individual who is not licensed under this section to knowingly purchase, acquire, or possess a firearm or ammunition.
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I'm not sure I could support a bill that required a person to be "licensed" to posess a firearm. But I can't argue that every gun owner should be required to meet these very basic requirements. It's certainly not too much to ask of an adult to be trained and background checked. Especially if they are carrying a defense weapon in a public setting. 

The bill is huge and deals with a whole bunch of other hot button topics like assault weapons ban, mandatory gun locks, buy back programs and domestic abuse bans. 

While I don't disagree with the need for more control in some areas I don't think this is the way to do it.

I would support permitting requirements for certain defense weapons in public settings. But a blanket permitting requirement to simply own any weapon is just too much.  

I don't think a clear majority of Democrats would support this bill as written. Certainly not the Republicans.

I guess it could lead to some meaningful changes if there could be an intelligent discussion on the topic. I have met very few individuals who are capable of having one. I don't think there are any of those people left in Washington.

I think this is just a few politicians asking for the moon knowing that it will never really amount to anything.  I just don't see a bill like this getting anywhere. If anything has any chance of becoming law it is going to look a lot different than what we see here.

Just my opinion. 


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I agree that we do not enforce laws well. Especially when it comes to firearms laws. That is because it is such a politically charged subject and it makes lots of money for political organizations on both sides.

I think we should take the guns away from felons. Go to their homes and take them. And then arrest them for breaking firearms laws and jail them again.

But politics has made this impossible. 

When the police try to do this the NRA and the gun lobby paints it as the government confiscating guns from the people and the entire gun owning community comes unglued. 

It's the same with idiots who arm up and go in groups to protests. They are clearly outside the law but the laws are often not enforced. Again because of the gun lobby.

Felons and domestic abusers can easily buy a weapon from another individual. There is a law against it but it is very difficult to enforce because there are no controls on individual sales at the federal level. So straw buyers and individual sales is the way a felon or wife beater gets a gun. Only a small fraction of weapons in posession by a felon or domestic abuser are stolen. The vast majority are acquired from a friend or relative.

These are just a couple examples of how gun laws are not being enforced. The list goes on.

So yes! I agree that existing laws need to be enforced.

I disagree with the logic that we should not enact new laws because we are not effectively enforcing existing ones. This is two different things and two different problems that need to be addressed. We can't stop trying to make our laws better simply because our enforcement agencies are often corrupt, ineffective and hamstrung by politics.

We have to keep trying to make our communities less violent. I don't see a threat to my second amendment rights. I'm not going to give up my guns. But I don't see anyone trying to take them either.

I do see the gun lobby milking millions from the minions every time a limp wristed liberal whines about guns. And an array of anti-gun groups whipping the hippies into a lather every time some nut job with a gun kills a bunch of people. 



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IMHO, the occasional deaths from mass shootings are a price we have to pay for the citizenry to be armed. And make no mistake about it...the fear of an armed citizenry is all that holds our so-called leaders in check. They don't fear an armed uprising. They fear the lone-wolf killer and the occasional assassination. That can happen at any time or place, and they are always aware of it. Also, IMHO, that occasional assassination is a Good thing for our freedom and liberty.

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On 9/13/2021 at 5:49 PM, Dakota Slim said:

Guns don't kill people. People kill people, and they will do it with rocks if they have to. I'm just glad that car bombings haven't become the latest and greatest attention getter. 

Bombs aren't the latest attention getter because they are illegal Slim. And the materials are tightly controlled and monitored. If we catch a guy carrying a bomb into a crowd we can stop him. We monitor guys who make bombs and are a risk. We can regulate bombs without political interference. We can all agree that a bomb in the hands of an idiot should be against the law.

Compare and contrast these well known facts with modern offensive weaponry and then draw your own conclusions as to why idiots who want to kill a bunch of people choose a semiautomatic high capacity firearm over a bomb in this country.

It's not rocket science. We all know why mass shootings occur daily. Modern offensive weaponry is cheap and widely available. And anyone who has ever fired one of these weapons knows what awesome damage they can do. These weapons in the hands of irresponsible or malicious individuals should be a crime. And anyone carrying weapons like these in a public situation should be trained, certified and those PRIVILEGES (not rights) should be taken away swiftly if they violate the rules.

Weapons like these are just like bombs. They should be strictly controlled.

You are right that people kill. And those people should not have unfettered access to high grade offensive weaponry any more than they do bombs. And if they try to use rocks we should take the freaking rocks away from them too.

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On 9/4/2021 at 7:30 PM, Dakota Slim said:
§ 932. License to own firearms and ammunition
“(a) In General.—Except otherwise provided in this section, it shall be unlawful for any individual who is not licensed under this section to knowingly purchase, acquire, or possess a firearm or ammunition.

None of that applies to US citizens.

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