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Howdy, from West Virginia.

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Not sure what to say, I like to hunt and trap and fish.  I spend most of my free time outdoors.  Bought my first detector 40 years ago, it's a White's 6000/D.  Then got myself a Fisher 1266-X.  Recently bought an Equinox 800, I've only had it out a few times, so far.

I know of some good places to detect, but my very first trip out with the Equinox, I found a 1913 Dime.  So, I figured that was a good omen.  I don't know much about the machine, but I'm catching on.  

Happy hunting everyone.  


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listen for good solid repeatable signals.  If you are digging and the target signal seems to disappear, switch the detector over to pinpoint mode.  When a target disappears, it usually is because it has been moved in the ground and is now on edge rather than flat.  It's been my experience that the Nox doesn't like to pickup the things on edge unless you are in pinpoint, then it works great.  With a little searching online, you should be able to find a list for the numbers different metals show on the Nox.  Listen close for deep silver.  I use Grey Ghost headphones and even with poor hearing, I do good with them.  

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