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Does anyone know what happened to NVChris

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7 hours ago, Dakota Slim said:

I always said just throw a dart at the map, turn on your beeper and keep it on the ground. 
I know that some people have become protective of their active claims and you have to respect that but the locals have gone wherever they want whenever they want for a long time. 
I'm not sure of the current status but the land west of Sawtooth all the way to the Hycroft Mine (Sulfur Mining District) was blanket claimed by Allied and they didn't care if anyone was out there beeping unless it was where they were actively working. 

Here's a little eye candy...



Outstanding Slim! I just knew we would draw you in eventually . . . :) 

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13 hours ago, Dakota Slim said:

I'd say that all the quartz & schist outcroppings have been beeped repeatedly with every machine you can imagine. You have to think outside the box.
Montana always said that gold doesn't go far in the desert and that is especially true in much of the NV outback. BUT, nobody knows what that desert looked like a million years ago. The area that looks flat today might not have been flat eons ago when the gold formed. I have no doubt that there are many very rich pockets out there that have never seen a detector.  

:shhhhh:  There's got to be.  And in places you might least expect . . . (Jungo's still a comparative sleeper I believe)  I remember Dick Bailey telling me several times that most big gold hunters in the Eugene's concentrated on detecting too high on the slope. His find was way lower down than I would have thought. AZ Nugget Bob said that T-Bone's nugget was 10 feet off the road! (which kind of matches Bud Young's version, that they were detecting a couple of hundred yards from their truck when it started to sprinkle rain. T-Bone was jogging along back to the vehicle while swinging his coil when he got a booming hit that he expected to be a coke can or something similar) The nugget was flat and shallow, only a few inches down. Smokey Baird said he found a 6 oz nugget right on top of the ground with just a thin layer of dust covering it! He found it in the sagebrush flats by the side of a jeep trail when he stopped to take a leak! 

I am definitely convinced that, if there is life on other planets with all that random vastness and open space, surely there still has to be a few lunkers and nugget patches waiting to be discovered in the vastness of Pershing and Humboldt counties. :shhhhh:

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I agree Slim, there is still a monster chunk or 2 still laying out there in an undiscovered patch!!

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On 8/25/2021 at 3:27 PM, Gilaoro2 said:

Used to run on too him around Rye Patch , very knowledgeable person.  lost a lot of my contacts and info about areas and contacts when my place burned and just never could recover them. According to the forum he has not posted since 2017 ?


NVChris is still around, he has posted recently on Steve's forum (Detector Prospector).

He has a link to his website (detectoraid) in his "signature" but it seems he has let it expire, the link now goes to some Hindu/Indian or similar website.

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  • 2 weeks later...

These stories are priceless. It’s sad seeing all the valuable local knowledge of places past going away forever every time someone moves on. As I get older, I see more and more of my wiser friends passing away and really only realize then how much I gained from their knowledge and friendship and regrettably, how much I took them for granted.

Thanks for sharing some of your own stories here you guys, they may seem just trivial, but they mean a lot and are really very interesting!  Hope you continue! 

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