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Go Away Summer!

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Man even though I get out early and often I have cabin fever bad :sickbyc: just too hot to go out very far now so have to be content hunting early and geocaching some as well and it is fun.

starting to dry out and not be so humid now so our swamp cooler is actually cooling the house a bit :ya:

Anyway I can almost see fall from my house now:thumbsupanim

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Its been a long hot summer here too. I am really looking forward to fall weather. 

I have been getting out at night this summer. But I've been so busy that I haven't even been fishing in a couple months. It seems like life goes from zero to 90 in about 10 seconds these days. 

Hopefully I can get caught up with business by the time it cools off. I would love to dust off the old detector and dig a few nuggets. Maybe even head back up to Santa Fe and hit some iron.


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All work and no play makes me a dull boy…:ROFL:

Honey holes?? Actually, as a teacher, we get the wrong season off for desert prospecting. And all I did this summer were a bunch of honey do’s!:cry2:

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The virus and the things it did to the economy was strange. It juggled everything around for everyone. I can't really complain because I am as busy as I can be and doing well. But it sure cut in to my goofing off in the woods time. 

I have this feeling my little gravy train is going to slow down as this new virus spreads. I guess every cloud has a silver lining. I might have some time to catch a fish or find a nugget this fall. It sure looks like people are going to go back to the bunkers in the next couple weeks. 

I hate to admit it but I had a lot of fun last year even if I didn't get out nugget hunting much. I was recovering from 2 hernia operations and had to dial it back a bunch. And the virus and all. But the time in the shop was productive and allowed me to do really well when things started moving again. 

These days when I'm out I hunt bugs, burls, cactus fiber and broken glass. It is paying better than any nugget patch I have ever found. I sure miss hunting for gold though. 

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You making stuff with that cactus fiber Bob?  I learned how to make sandals out of agave fiber once, they were pretty awesome! And if I am ever stranded out on a desert island, at least my feet will be covered!:Just_Cuz_06:

As for hobbies, I learned to tile a bathroom, made a workshop, made a large format CNC router to go in the workshop (described in the DIY forum), got into astronomy big time, and redid our yard from crabgrass lawn into a desert inspired landscape.  I even buried some targets in it to test out and learn about using my Nox. Yeah, it’s been an interesting year alright! Now that I am back at school and seeing the line of sick kids get a bit longer everyday in front of the nurses’ office, and with more of my students out of the class each day, I think maybe you are right in that things may go back to where they were maybe sooner than we realize. 

Well, if it does happen, I’ll be posting about my ‘desert’ prospecting ventures in my testing garden and spending more time designing and building cool stuff in the new shop.:rolleyes:

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