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Corundum Conundrum...could it be ruby?

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I've never seen this kind of matrix before and there are several deep red crystals.  At first I was thinking garnet but the matrix doesn't seem to fit that either.  The closest thing I could find visually for a similar matrix was painite...but I seriously doubt that lol. 

I can dig out my camera if better shots are needed.

Any ideas?




fs (2).jpg

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51 minutes ago, pondmn said:

Ruuby will glow under black  light

I've only got a SWUV, but the crystals look the same as  the images I've found online under the same wavelength tests (which doesn't say much lol, I'll have to try to find a LW tomorrow)

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25 minutes ago, Morlock said:

Ruby will not fluorese if it has too much iron. 

Could it be cinnabar? Can you do a streak test on it?

The good news is that it streaks clean...so no cinnabar I think.  I found out that rubies won't glow under SWUV as well, which is all I've got right now, so I'll have to try to suss one out tomorrow.

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