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Researching for an article: Who uses a Drone Prospecting, and Why?

Terry Soloman

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I do and have been now for a few years and the main advantage for me is being able to find evidence of old timer workings without walking for miles which saves me mucho time. So now I can zero in on old workings, contact zones, mines, etc. set the GPS and go right to them. Yes I still do it the old fashioned way too, but this drone prospecting has found me some new spots with gold I may not of otherwise visited.

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 Some in the Phoenix Road Runners Prospecting club have been using them for several years before all this" you have  a pilots licence to fly them" crap ! Mainly too checkout the surrounding area, especially along the southern border. At that time you could fly them down a Vertical shaft if it had no obstructions . Now if you have the money required they are available to go in too horizontal shafts, tunnels , tall buildings etc etc  if they have room to swing a blade. That level of technology is mainly the US Government and big corps according to a person I was discussing drones with. 

 You need to get in to the info in the BIG drone field to really hear what they can do ! For instance the there is a report available about the surveillance drones  Israel is trying to sell to governments around the world. A report was available for a time  about this system that was loaned to  Arizona and Phoenix to try out and it was scary, apparently to AZ too and it was in use for a long time ! In short it stayed up for days? weeks?  filming the entire city  with cameras made from 1000s of cellphone cameras and all tied togather. Don't jump on me this is not my wild dreams but presented in this report. You could pick out a vehicle in the photographed area , and the drones could check its files and tell you where it had been for the past 14 days. Tell you where it went, stopped,who got in or out with their photos and where it was now! If all they said it could do was true no wonder they were turned down for  working permanent ! Or where they ??? only god and the people  at Fort Bliss knows . 

 On that note out government does things that the local residents and workers at facility's knows and its common place to them and little remarked on  locally and not at all nationally. For instance in the 1970's when the full size aircraft drone  industry was growing so fast the  recruiting calls went out to long time model airplane flyers to come and teach professional military pilots to fly them and fly them remotely on a TV. Fort Bliss  was  full of them . I lived in Yuma,AZ at the time and could watch them in a Cessna flying around in the desert learning to control a drone from another plane, I am sure it not easy. At about the same time the border watch blimp system was being constructed, one N of Yuma , One south of Deming, NM  and one at Fort Huachuca. At the local airport in Deming,NM was stationed a flight of the famous Black Helos, they flew many nights and early in the AM on the Ham Bands they would get over if frequencies and you could hear them calling in their reports, rounds expended , maintenance required etc.   The blimps gave vectors to border crosses and the BP  followed up on the sensors tripped and how many feet they counted. They had some running gun battles on some of the big ranches on the border . Little was ever reported in the news except one time  the the sheriff  criticized the State Police for not backing him up on the freeways.

 The one really serious  incident was when someone shot down the blimp at Fort Huachuca with a shoulder launched missile.  The umbilical cable fell across most of town  and damaged a number of houses and injured one soldier that I knew. Nothing was ever said about it on the TV , just another storm.

 Did anyone on the forum ever prospect around the area ? I used too just outside the South gate , than all of a sudden it was declared Army property. And then there was the story about the Army Sergeant that discovered a  cave full of bullion in the Mt. near the base, he said the Army denied him access and dug it up themselfs.

Give you something to research!








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