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What to do if you get a bogus reading from a buyer?

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So what do you do if you get a false reading from a prospective buyer?  

My suggestion is to request a return of what was sent.  Then rinse and send to another buyer. What suggestions would you have for a prospector in this situation? 

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15 minutes ago, Indigo Suelo said:

A buyer of precious metals. 


If a buyer of precious metals will not give you what you think it is worth then you probably need to find another buyer.

The same goes for anything you happen to be selling. 

The rinse is optional.

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Safe from losses, some of theses buyers are far less than scrupulous.  I suggest  testing and redoing processing after receiving items back from prospective buyers that didn't buy.  And don't be surprised if the Mount you sent is more than you got back. It happens. 

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