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Help identify this rock

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I have the app rock identification and this is what it shows for a identification for this rock.

I found this and very small pieces my gold monster 1000 was showing it as gold reading. My question is cold it be from a asteroid that feel to earth. 
Any help is appreciated 






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To start with, every app I’ve tried for identifying rocks has been terrible. I’ve tested them with at least 10 known specimens and they all got every one of them wrong.

 Next, the first pic your app shows up there isn’t even a natural stone. It has very obviously been carved. You can still see the marks left by the burr they used. That tells me the app you’re using is completely worthless. 

There is nothing to indicate your piece did not originate on earth. I’m not sure what you’ve got but I’m pretty sure it didn’t come from space.

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I've never seen botryoidal characteristics on a tektite.

I've seen hematite with botryoidal characteristics that looks similar to the pics but not sure that's what you have.

Have you done a streak test on it?

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