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One down, two to go!!

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Hello everyone, i hope your all dodging the heat. Well it is that time of year again so we are chasing critters. My son got his yesterday evening after a 2 hr stalk. Snuck in to 52 yards and shot him when he stood up from his bed. Of course he went and died on the the back side of the mountain instead of the easy side so we had a little over a mile and a half pack out. It was a blast though!!IMG_2303.jpg

Take care and good luck everyone!

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Now that's hunting.  I used to bow hunt back in the fifties. It wasn't really popular back then and we had the woods all to ourselves.  The deer weren't so spooky before rifle season when everyone was out blasting away at whatever.  We would lay in wait in tall grass and when the buck would come by we would raise to a kneeling position and pick him off.  Really couldn't miss.  One never forgets his first hunts with dad.  Good job bro.  

    Old Tom   

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Thats great Tom!! Yeah we absolutely love it. Nothing like spending time in the field together. 

Thank you sir!!

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