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Alienation office for entryman and estate in land discussion.

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Alienation office for entryman and estate in land is an interest in real property that is or may become possessory.

With the changing fees / fines for writs of covenant and entries.  Could this be the foundation we see today for the recording of a entryman / mineral entry.  With the estate in land taking place after a period of time?

The two terms are not interchangeable that is “Entryman” and “Estate in land”.

There is a sub topic of entry in "Forest" and "Woods" that may go with this topic.

Any input thanks.


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The terms Alienee and Alienor are used by this English practice - alienation office. 

It appears that Congress no longer has the intent of "Dispono" of lands with ending of "Land patient" around 1996.  With only "perfecting" / "first half papers" allowed to take place after this.

Thus the topic of Alienation office comes to mind here.


This topic is not for everyone and that is fine.

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Most people have come across the term entryman however may have not noticed it.   Most will talk about mineral entry without reading a little more.

Since this topic in general has not been covered here I'm wondering if some have come across the above terms in their readings to share.  All input is welcome as I'm not seeing this topic here in general.  Thanks.

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10 hours ago, Assembler said:

The state of Oregon code has the terms “Lands”, “estate and interest”, as well as “Conveyance” all defined if anyone is interested starting at 1854.




These definitions have been not been changed since 1854.  The point that is being made here is the conveyance steps / procedures may not be what you think is taking place on the record roll that the 'Court first looks at'.

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