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Hello, everyone. I'm new to collecting Rocks and Minerals and so far I'm having a blast. 

What are some good sources to buy from? I've discovered these 2 which seem to have the best products for the lowest prices. 




Thanks in advance! 


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Personally I wouldn't buy from either of those sources.

First one is based in England and shipping charges would kill you.

Second one sells metaphysical rocks which is a bunch of BS.

I don't know what your standards are but you have better options searching throughout eBay. IMHO.

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Any metaphysical place is going to be WAY over priced. For instance, the site you listed has “fist sized” chunks of leopard skin jasper for $7.95. Their “fist size” appears to be about half a pound. Most places sell the same same for $3.50 - $5.00 per pound.

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