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Potential gift advice please

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Hi All

I'm looking at buy a meteorite as a gift but unfortunately don't really know the first thing about them. I obviously want it to be quite nice show piece I can mount and get a plaque made up so I've settle on either a Sericho Pallasite or a Seymchan. The Seymchan piece is from a reputable dealer but the Sericho is on ebay which I'm a little dubious about and just wanted to ask is there a possibility of fakes on ebay? It says it has been coated in a resin, which I'm assuming is normal for this type of meteorite?

Which would be a better option for a gift please?

many thanks



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Tons of fakes on ebay, I would only buy from a reputable dealer.  No one worth their salt will "seal" a meteorite; has the potential to do more harm than good.

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