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Detector Prospector Tables Corrupted


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Some of us here also use Detector Prospector.  Recently it has not been possible to logon to your account because an Error message would prevent it.  I was able to logon with another computer until last night and now I can't get on.  The administrator now can't fix the tables to make it function properly so getting to your content will be difficult at best.

This reminds me of when I lost lots of content years ago that was deleted by Chris Gholson.  We've all seen websites go down and/or disappear.

Be careful out there and make a backup of content if you can.


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I was not able to get on with this Chromebook at first.  I thought it was 'my' problem or my son had done something wrong.  I researched it and was not able to correct things on my end but I was able to get on the site with another computer.  That worked until last night when I started looking around other profile details and it shut me out again.

Chase has been left in charge of the website while Steve is 'away.'  He can only kick of the spammers and doesn't have full administrative rights so Steve needs to fix it.  I sent an email to Simon and he said the membership/ID tables are corrupted and Steve needs to fix it.  He said it has happened before to Steve's forum.

Now I know how it felt when JW and Simon were not able to read or post on their forum of choice.

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I've heard from a few others that they can't get on the site either.  It seems to be worse if you have some 'history' there because it isn't indexed any more and will have to wait to be repaired.

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