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Black stone Identification

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6 hours ago, Eureka said:

contain mica. if you can, layer the outer edge with the paint then put it in water.

The paint comes off, the mica eats away at the metal layer.

Perhaps something else in the paint is  acid. I was not aware that mica is corrosive. Isn't  mica silicious?

Maybe you meant pyrite?

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9 hours ago, Eureka said:

In my observations:  

I have this in many sizes, its a mostly iron (coating) with gold under side. The brown or darker spots show the gold.

I found some paints that contain mica. if you can, layer the outer edge with the paint then put it in water.

The paint comes off, the mica eats away at the metal layer.

Watch the magic happen, your little nug will be exposed.

You can  see the gold on the inside of the little holes. along the center of it. 

The holes are spaces voided from little balls of iron/gold.

Sometimes mistaken for a meteorite. as it comes in many shapes. and sizes.  Or i have seen it referred many times as slag.  ( as above)

as it does look similar to coal as its the same family, they all are.

These are formed as they a grow around the vents , melted by the methane gas from the ground. its a process. and its really cool how it works.  I will show a picture of what i have tomorrow if your interested in learning more about it. 


Look for more where you found that one .! 


20 minutes ago, Eureka said:

Yes there is something in it, that makes it a sticky kinda paint. really thick. not sure what else they add to it. * def something to look into, I did look for ingredients in it, ( they keep these formulas secret. ) 

I have lots of mica flakes and stones that come from that main rock. so i will be doing some experimenting, as its HUGE when it comes to cleaning, I like to experiment and have tried alternative ways to chemicals.

so far, this paint it the best, but  water is the best natural way, After its all ground up as little as you can pound it, with out taking out that finger. funnel it into a jar( never get rid of the water your clean your gold in, BIg mistake as your gold floats and settles its not as heavy as some have said you just let it sit for a day or so, it all settles to the bottom the dirt goes away as the black gold acts as a filter and your water is clear. * another discovery with black gold.  and if you turn your jar upside down and let it settle a brown film with form with all the impurities, then that turns black after a few weeks. and that is where black sea coral would form.  looks identical. if it was in a natural setting and with salt water, ( life forms in a salt and sugar) .  another experiment i did.:) 

The base or bulk of it is a pink mass with many minerals inside. the flakes of mica are like layers of plastic, in between the layers are layers of a silky white powder in a sheet form, gold, rose, and silver. in color.  Some of the smaller stones that came out where Gems, ( a full diamond that breaks in three pieces coated with the silver luster from the thicker gray mica, then a green almost opal i guess they call it.  so many names from one stone. makes it hard to realize they all come from the same place.  

Below is a picture of how they all act when melted with methane gas ( remember they start with one stone that forms all these minerals together. 

The gas is pushed thru the vent forming a mass cap on top. these get broken down and you find little pieces

This is where chalk is formed. as well as copper, gold and silver. 

This is also how forests catch on fire. !   The black part is where  karma police will find his stone.

This is also where metal is formed in the earth. 

  I also  believe we can make gold.silver and copper with the proper ingredients. why not.


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