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I was walking the other day when a unique color caught my eye kind of a green blue red and other color Sheen on this piece of transparent Brown mineral?  At the risk of sounding dumb I wondered if it could be an amber piece that's become slightly opal.  Or is it just a piece of glass or something?













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Looks like Amber bro. Heat up a needle and see if the point will stick in it.

It could be chalcedony. But the rind on it looks just like Amber that formed in coal.

It's not opal. That patina is bitumen on the surface of it. 

There is often amber in coal. And they have shipped coal all over. So little blobs of amber are not uncommon in spots where coal was used.

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2 hours ago, Eureka said:

Beautiful photos, very detailed, i can see in  the center there is three diamonds.  from there it has grown out wards blending with the amber diamonds, forming the cracks as it grew, imagine the chemical reaction that occurs as it grows, if you have ever smelted gold and watched it very close the cracks are very similar to  the pattern you have on your stone.  it also has traces of rare earth minerals so it may have platinum or silver along the color edge. ( an oil slick_ is what i refer it too.. or carbon maybe . makes it shinny. but if it sat in water it would make a iridescent layer on the water. 

That would give you an idea of how it was formed in nature. 

I agree that  coal would contain this as well as its red to black. 

if you look very close you will see every individual cell that formed... :)  well that is what i can see. 

 I dont know what they name it though. insert your name and then add ite after it...:) 




just no.

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2 hours ago, d_day said:



just no.

Professor of Geology, Hogwarts Academy. Graduated magna cum laude from Trump University. 

This is basic Critical Rock Theory. 

Educate yourself d_day. Your knowledge pales in comparison to the ignorance that flows from great minds such as these.


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