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The BS Stops now

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Ok my friends, yes I was gone for a spell working on other projects and neglected my responsibilities here at the forum and as a result there is once again bullying, ass hat banter, insults, and rampant off topic posting in all forum sections. IT STOPS NOW! and there will be nobody called out or fingers pointed as it is happening because I have been absent so I blame me. So from this point forward you good folks follow the rules like before or you are gone. No warnings, threats, begging, or anything else you are just gone…. So you want to play and learn? Don’t be a Dick. Simple as that, cheers Bill

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Just now, Stillweaver hillbelli said:

 Calm down , Bob.

... we're  on probation.

You may be. Im not.

Bill can swing the swift sword of Justice whenever he wants to. It's not going to change a thing in my little world. I just don't think these are the type of comments he is concerned about. I may be wrong. But I'm not in the business of worrying about what guys post on here and he is.

Sisters are beautiful. A whole bouquet is even more better.

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I wish I still had my sister to love.  She passed years ago and I miss her dearly.  If you do have one or know someone else's give her all the love you can as she is precious even if she calls you a dick.  :)

   Old Tom

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I am the oldest of 4 siblings! 2 sisters below me and a baby brother ...  all of us are now well into our 60's with me at 72. I love both of my sisters dearly even though we don't always agree ... in fact rarely but that's a story for another day! many times I have been called various names by them 'Dick' being one of the milder terms of 'endearment'! LOL!

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