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Have no idea what this is, looking for help.

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So I arrowhead hunt a good bit and of all the strange rocks I've come across one stands out the most.  I never thought about a head being made from glass until I found this other piece the other day and thought that it resembles impact glass in texture. Does anyone have a guess as to what in the world this is.  I'm in Louisiana.


















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It looks like green obsidian. It is even turning to perlite in spots. It is not native to Louisiana but those natives had extensive trade routes.

It isn't glass. But there were lots of arrowheads made from glass in the latter years. Glass and obsidian were the preferred materials to make them from. By the time guns came along ALL arrowheads were metal, glass and obsidian. 

Chert, jasper and agate arrowheads are almost always old stuff. The natives stopped working with stone like that about the time the white man came. It died completely when guns and glass came on the scene.

Telephone insulator glass was a popular material as were bottle bottoms. The steel ones were made from barrel bands. And obsidian was a precious stone that was traded from coast to coast. 

Those divots in the surface are where the stone weathered to perlite. And the white inclusions are perlite in the stone. It is definitely obsidian.

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1 hour ago, Ordinary rock said:

Ok awesome. Thanks for the help. I would have never thought of that because it would have been far to easy.  Thanks for the help. I don't guess I had ever seen the blue green onsidian

Obsidian comes in lots of flavors. The black licorice is the most common but it comes in lime and tutti fruity too.

It's a cool point. The guy that had it was probably pretty proud of it. It came a long way to get to Louisiana.

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I put them together because I thought that maybe that blue glassy stuff was the material they used to make the point since it was soo different from any other one I found there.  I thought the stuff in the last two pics was glass it's also the pics in the close ups.  But it didn't look man made to me so that's why I posted

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(The points) “look like calcedony, or may be a fine grained quartzite? Some sort of CCS (cryptocrystaline silicate)” said my archaeologist wife, but she also said its hard as she didn’t see them in person. :idunno:

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