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Dodo bird egg

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IMG_20210702_212341.jpgAlso I'm Louisiana in my driveway so not sure exactly it's origins, I found this rock that looked like broken eggshell.  Flipped it over and saw what resembles a chicken fetus or whatever it's called.  Did some thinking about how long it took to make this rock and "ahah" it's got to be a dodo bird. I was really trying to see what kind of rock it was because I arrowhead hunt and have been trying to get familiar with rock types.


















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Loren Eisley had a good story about sandstone concretions. An old prospector called his museum saying he found a fossilized woman.  After some time and calls, Loren and a assistant stopped by to see it.  It was just a concretion that was curvy in the right places, and the old timer was really attached to it but said it needed to be in a museum. Loren felt so sorry for the guy, he made his assistant help him jack hammer and plaster cast the woman to ‘take back to the museum’. It weighed several hundred pounds and they loaded it up and took it away.  They dumped it over a bridge on the way home knowing the old timer would never go to the museum to see it!

Anyways, always check the middle of concretions- they form around a nucleus and sometimes it’s just iron but other times it can be a small stone or even a fossil.  I’ve found cool river stones in some, so keep looking!


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Yea I was told it was the "wrong type of rock" by some stud rock wizard but it was just eye catching and very unique in the sense that it is shaped like an egg, the back looks like a shattered egg shell, and in the flat side it looks just like a chicken embryo? Baby? Whatever.  Before I was schooled I had done researched dodo bird and their egg size and was so excited that I had the only dodo egg I knew of.  Sometimes education is such a let down.  Maybe those same nice people will put me in a museum

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See my recent fossil post? I was thinking I found the only tree fern fossil in existence in California too. I don’t think so now though. Keep looking!

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