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it's mining season

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Well after that....  Well 2020 ( I think 2020is a verb now...  Something does make sense or add up it's a 2020...) it mining season 21' let's get out and do some digging...  

Interested in prospecting in Colorado go ahead and respond,  got a good inside scoop on prime locations. 

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I moved to Colorado Springs recently from the Phoenix Az area and planning to go to the local GPAA chapter meetings soon. Hope to start prospecting here. Left all my equipment with my buddy in Arizona 'tho. Been doing some research on Colorado placers. When you get GOLD FEVER, you never get over it.

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You need this book! 

"Finding Gold in Colorado: A guide to Colorado's casual gold prospecting, mining history and sightseeing by Kevin Singel"

Updated for 2021! Colorado Prospectors, this is the book for you! A travel guide book inspired by the gold prospecting origin of Colorado. Includes touring information on all the major towns founded as gold mining camps as well as summaries of each town's origin story. Includes reviews and recommendations on historic districts to visit, mines to tour, driving tours of ghost towns and places to gold pan. Includes information on 16 historic districts, 31 museums, 18 mines, 186 gold panning sites across the state of Colorado. Thoroughly researched to confirm public access to the panning sites (no private property or areas subject to mining claim has been included - unlike other books.)Written by a long-time Colorado resident and gold prospector. Based on years of research and field work.Get your share of the gold by prospecting for it in historic, urban, and remote locations across the gold districts of Colorado.

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