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Precious metals... Where are they?

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53 minutes ago, Stillweaver hillbelli said:

 The first  "quack quack harch":reading: hit for columbium tantalum yielded an internal  directive on storing Tantalite Columbite in 55 gallon containers (from the DLA).and  more trivia- Niobium is the new name for columbium.



"Columbite occurs in many of the important pegmatite districts worldwide. It has been found in many locations in Minas Gerais, Brazil, especially at Araçuaí; Governador Valadares; and São José da Safira. Other important worldwide locations include the Tsaramanga pegmatite, Betafo District, Antananarivo Province, Madagascar; and Iveland, Aust-Agder, Norway.

In the U.S., many of the old pegmatite quarries have produced some of the best forms of this mineral. Specific localities include Bethel, Fairfield Co.; Haddam and Portland, Middlesex Co.; South Glastonbury, Hartford Co.; and Woodbury, Litchfield Co. Other U.S. localities include the Ham and Weeks Mine, Wakefield, Carroll Co., New Hampshire; Bedford, Westchester Co., New York; the Rutherford Mine, Amelia, Amelia Co., Virginia; and Spruce Pine, Mitchell Co., North Carolina...." and , I suspect, somewhere in NM.

Yup. It is also niobium.

Here are the fancy ear wires I use for my ladies earrings. 

They are hypo allergenic. All the cool ladies are wearing them now days.

I'm going to post a bag of columbium on the internet. I hope the feds don't bust me. 





A few years back there was a coltan boom. Lots of prospectors stopped looking for gold and started finding coltan. It is the ore of columbium/tantalum.

I picked up lots of it just west of Taos. I did pretty good on it. Lots better than gold. It is hard to sell now. The buyers aren't everywhere. You have to ship to Canada and the prices aren't what they used to be. 

Still it is a lot more obtainable than gold. And for a time it was much more in demand. 

Hopefully coltan will boom again. If I can sell enough ear rings maybe I can fuel a boom in the industry.

Maybe Suelo can crack coltan for us in a motor home just outside of Albuquerque? If we can get him to make pure niobium crystals I know where to sell them.

Maybe we can get Bill to do a video series on YouTube about finding columbium ore and getting rich selling the refined crystals. We can call it "Breaking Rock".

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Posted (edited)

You mean you can find the precious  metal Columbium /Niobium on some earlobes?

What about making a set of Rocket nozzle  looking earings ?

Some gearhead on the WSMR would want those:ya:

:miner:So , uh. Mr. Bedrock, sir ... You gotta claim on that fancy pegmatite of yours?

A  map with an X? Any particular quadrant of the state?(ok, west of Taos)..

See ya in a jif:hiker:

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1 hour ago, Bedrock Bob said:


Maybe we can get Bill to do a video series on YouTube about finding columbium ore and getting rich selling the refined crystals. We can call it "Breaking Rock".

Or an anecdote about the richest placer discovery in Aridzona.  I read it  was approx.   110,000 ounces.

I am curious about the main source of the San(and Santo) Domingo placers, I know ((think)) gold can also be found  as load, in stringers in the area.

 Maybe the large nugs  found on top of Rich Hill(Antelope pk.)  were from the same  unknown load source( long since eroded.)

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13 minutes ago, Stillweaver hillbelli said:


:miner:So , uh. Mr. Bedrock, sir ... You gotta claim on that fancy pegmatite of yours?

A  map with an X? Any particular quadrant of the state?(ok, west of Taos)..

See ya in a jif:hiker:

It is nice country. Not very exciting finding. It's more about sorting rock.

I know another spot that was right in my back yard when i lived up north. Barro Peaks area. North a ways from Ribera New Mexico. You can see it on Google. Rich mica and big chunks of quartz studded with all sorts of heavy mineral crystals. 

There is a canyon that is two feet deep in mica with an alluvial fan at the base a couple miles wide.  Monazite sands bro. All sorts of goodies in that gravel. In places you can just scoop it up.

Land issues though. Wierd tribal Northern New Mexico stuff. You or I will never mine it.

I'll take you up there and show it to you. You can bring some ore back. We can find Spanish farm tools and metal arrowheads with the detector. Then call up an elk or a turkey just for the he'll of it.

It's a real economic deposit though. Assayed, surveyed and drilled. Engineered and everything. Even has a history of minor production. 

The spot I was at by Taos was in the Tusas Mountains. Near Tierra Amarilla. Jawbone Mountain area. Pack your sheepskin buddy. The only fun I had up there was warming up. Beautiful country though and there is lumps of semi metallic coltan ore if you look in the right places. It is in the gravel too. And it concentrates kinda like big gold would in a drywasher. It won't detect. The best bet is surface hunting by eye and picking up the obvious stuff. 


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1 hour ago, Stillweaver hillbelli said:


 The rabbit hole I just went down, follows . I guess if you claimed a deposit tantalite-columbite,   it would get ED by the US government for it's  strategic value.



These areas are (in part) claimed by Exxon. So they probably can do whatever they want to do. And much of the rest is private land grant property. And they would be a lot more problem than the government. 


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I just realized that I , we, they,     them thar pilgrim ,are  all delving in to elements other than Gold Nugget Hunting. I was only paying attention  to the thread title of Precious  metals.

My apologies.

 May be a move  of this topic over to Rocks MINERALS would be appropriate.

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On 7/8/2021 at 8:11 PM, chrisski said:

Once upon a time we used to go out and find gold and tell stories about those adventures on this forum.  Now we sit around the house all day telling stories way off topic.


How is your season going?  Any finds you'd like to talk about? 

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On 7/9/2021 at 4:29 AM, chrisski said:

I’m more likely to just stop coming to this site.  THere’s quite a few users not coming by anymore, could have something to do with the off topic banter.

I left the AMRA when a lot of what they were putting out on their Facebook page was way off the topic of mining.

I can’t be the only person on this site feeling this way.

I will let you have the last word.

This is my first time in quite a while on this forum and things sure have changed.  You're definately not the only one!  We used to plan outtings and show off nuggets haha.  

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