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GPZ7000 For Sale


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$4,600.  I will only sell in person no shipping.  Everything works the only damage is normal wear and tear on the screen and skid plate.  Pro Swing harness, bungee, hip stick, ferrite ring, grey ghost headphones, audio booster, wireless module, charging station with 2 batteries.
Rancho Cucamonga.  I will travel to make a road trip out of it😀.  Thanks for lookin. 
Steve Brown 5C524C76-BB45-44C3-A6DF-727B1C28912A.png7BF016D4-61C9-4695-A65A-21EB8F7AF1C2.png29B2368E-0561-4EB9-A40E-26C3FA215A98.png7BF016D4-61C9-4695-A65A-21EB8F7AF1C2.png



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OK she’s back up for sale the guy that wanted to buy it saw my gold monster and said he wanted to buy that instead. I told him it was not for sale and he backed out. Guy has never been gold prospecting in his life and barely spoke English but I don’t hold that against him. Needless to say she’s back on the market and I’m looking at $4,000 firm.


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