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I would guess that there are a lot of you extremely successful meteorite hunters are out swinging a detector or hunting with a magnet on some lonely dry lake bed, during the cooler weather of course.  Who's finding what?  Got any pictures?  

Although not a recent find, I've got one lonely possible.  When I first found it several years ago, I thought it to be a piece of really old iron from farm equipment and so I chucked it in the box.  I recently was going thru some of that stuff and came upon this piece.  I decided to put it under the low-power scope and have another look at it up close.  When doing so, I suddenly realized it was not a piece of old relic iron but actually is stone with a lot of iron in the mix.  So I have studied it and it has me wondering.  If it should happen to be a chondrite, my guess is that it is high iron but nickel poor.  The matrix is dark grey.  weighs 36 .7g and is 1" x 1" x 1-1/2" approx.  It's interesting but will probably just go back in the box.  

Okay, I showed ya mine...



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19 minutes ago, Regmaglitch said:

Photos taken in sunlight tend to show more detail, and also illuminate true color and texture.

See the difference in these recently found specimens. Same stones in sunlight versus artificial light.  (Note: stones are uncleaned)



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It was hot as heck out there but I braved the heat and took a couple pictures of the rock in natural sunlight. : ).

Sorry if they are a little blurry. 

The third pic shows a place that I exposed the inside. Hope that spot shows well enough. 

The stone actually is made up of a couple lithologies.  So maybe somewhat of a breccia.

It's much more interesting under the low-power scope. : )







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I was just looking thru a slide presentation on the ASU News page, Best of the Vault, posted by Laurence Garvie (or a student).  One of the featured meteorites on there is Thika and L6 Chondrite.  It has a striking resemblance to my little unknown stone that I posted the pictures of in this thread.   

If someone knows how to contact Mr. Garvie, In that slide presentation, he has a couple pictures and the descriptions for them switched.  

Link: https://news.asu.edu/content/best-vault-unique-treasures-asus-meteorite-collection

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Lawrence Garvie can be contacted at lgarvie@asu.edu . He is usually quite busy and rarely answers his phone. So, keep emails to pertinent topics with strong candidates.  


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