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It's a conglomerate, many refer to this type of conglomerate as "puddingstone".


Other members will have to comment as too the makeup of this conglomerate, if you post the general location of where it was found would help determine that makeup.


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I suspected a conglomerate but did it expect the concretions that hold the pebbles together to be black.

Where was this ounce?  Looked like a photo I saw from the upper peninsula in Michigan.

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5 hours ago, BobAK said:

looks to be gabbro with white feldspar and may be magnetic if 

magnetite in the black

I agree.

I don't think it is sedimentary because of how the rock is weathering around the inclusions. And the matrix is too dark and igneous looking.

I think it is an igneous rock with feldspar inclusions. 

A close look at that matrix would be the only way to tell. If I had to bet a dollar based on the photo I would say it is a volcanic with feldspar inclusions 

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