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Morgan & Eisenhower Dollars For Sale

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Morgan & Eisenhower Dollars For Sale

1884 Philadelphia Morgan; 1896 O Morgan; 1921 D Morgan

1971 Eisenhower; 1972 Eisenhower; 1978 Eisenhower

These coins were all dug and cleaned by me, here in New York. I have tried to take photos that accurately portray their condition. Price includes insured USPS shipping CONUS. Thank You for looking.

$125.00 shipped - United States Postal Money Order, Personal Check, ZELLE (NO Paypal, NO Cash App)













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On 6/4/2021 at 2:54 PM, GeoJack said:

At almost $28 an oz. aren't you shorting yourself a few bucks?

Only the Morgans are 90% silver, the Eisenhowers are all clad coin(75% copper/25% nickel over a pure copper center).. unless you have one with an S mint mark then it would be a silver clad coin, 80% silver/20%copper over a 79% copper/21% silver center, so that makes them 50 1/2 % silver, the S mint marked only were minted from 1971 thru 1974 and a Bi-centennial in 1975/76, the clads were mint from 1971 thru 1978 and only Bi-centennial in 1975/76.

All the bi-centennials had the date 1776/1976 on them, so there's no 1975s of either type ever minted.

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