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What’s this hollow rock?

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My guess is a conglomerate nodule that was hollowed out by wave action. Another possibility is it is an indian artifact but unlikely imho.

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It might be a broken septarian nodule.

It’s possible a septarian formed and was eroded out of where it formed, then ended up in a stream bed or other placer deposit where it became part of a conglomerate. At some point It would have eroded out again and broke, exposing the softer calcite lining the center, which would have then eroded quickly. The bits on the inside would be the only remnants of what was once the interior.

I think it’s long shot, but it’s possible. I think it’s pretty likely that it was once a concretion of some type, but not necessarily a septarian.

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I agree with Morlock, there are places in Utah were such is common also I have found similar in New Mexico. I have yard rock from Utah that is perfectly round that gets trapped in the harder rock and roll over and over till they get small enough to washout. At one time I thought that they where similar to the round rocks found in Oregon that has a crab or other fossilized item in the center but they are not, Just mother nature playing her games.  My wife sure got her dander up when one day I split a bunch or them she had bordered her flower bed with! Not a fossil in a one, now she has more flower bed borders.

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