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I would like to learn what this "rock" is.  I found it on my Grandmother's north Missouri farm in the mid 1950s when I was around 10 year old. It was used as a door stop in my Grandmother's house for decades.   When she passed away, and the farm was sold, I brought the item home and it rests in my den.

I'd like to know if it is a geode or not. If not , what is it ?     When I was a small boy, we used to speculate what was inside it. (I assumed great treasure at age 10).  

It was such a fixture for so many years, I don't have the heart to break / saw it open to see what it looks like inside.

Any help with identification would be appreciated.


Thank you










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My guess will be some sort of Gneiss, which is a fancy name for any rock that has been buried deep in the earth and exposed to heat and in the process gets Kneaded like bread and that's what the swirls are.  Because of the way the rock is so round, my guess is the rock was either found in a river bed, or perhaps had been carried hundreds or thousands of mile from when it was made during the last ice age. 

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