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How Many Of You Remember This?

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I do remember.  Online, there are always Steve Curry types that think every round river cobble, and piece of hemetite or slag that they find, is a rare meteorite.  Sometimes I see them at a University public outreach event.  They are the ones that can’t take no for an answer.  “But it’s magnetic”!  They never have any basic geology, never bought any meteorites to compare with, and never look closely at the features that can be found in real meteorites.  Identifying actual meteorites in the field, that are weathered, oxidized or rusty colored, fragmented, coated with soil, clay, salts, caliche, or desert varnish, not clean, sliced, and polished with a clear preservative to enhance it’s true interior color, is a learning curve.  And that curve is best taught by time in the field.  The Curry’s of this world, always seem to skip the learning process, and jump to something resembling digging up buried pirate treasure.

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