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Iron meteorite maybe?

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I found this mass while tilling my garden. First thing I noticed was that it was very heavy and rusty. Initially I thought it was iron ore. After a lot of Googling I think it might be either a magnetite concretion or an iron meteorite. It is magnetic. And has what looks like old thumb prints. I used a wire brush to clean the rust off it (second photo) then ground a small window and its shiny like new silverware! Not sure what it is?




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It is either an iron artifact or a meteorite.

It does not have a fusion crust and looks a little shaley. And the shape is interesting but the surface is a bit rough.

Since it is very difficult to tell meteoritic iron from an artifact there are no guarantees.

Get you self an XRF analysis. Look for a construction materials testing outfit or a pawn broker with an XRF gun. Get a nickel analysis. That is a step in the right direction. 

It is probably not a meteorite but it could be. If you want to pursue it take your photos and your XRF results to an expert. 

Im sorry there is not a definitive answer. There never is on irons. Unless you found it near a known meteorite strewn field it could be a big task getting it analyzed.

It looks as good as any other suspect rock. I would try and get someone to do some testing on it. But don't get too heartbroken if they tell you it is just man made steel. The overwhelming odds are that it is man made 

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