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Gold on Mars

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Now there's some clickbait there.  Least they could have done is photoshop the pics to make it look like gold.

$10,000 per pound to reach low earth orbit, and worth $27,000 per pound, maybe it would be worth it to mine.  Now that is some government math there that makes it seems like a $17,000 per pound profit that leaves out a whole lot of real costs.

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While we always compare our knowledge of what the geological formations of value look like here on earth.

Here is a thought:

What we have seen in this video is probably not gold but could be veins of a much more valuable mineral. Maybe a single gram of it could provide the energy (Electrical, Heating, Cooling, Possibly Hydration) to a large vehicle or house hold for more than a year? 

Energy is always going to be a driver for value. The value of gold is an earth property but mainly due to it's rarity. Other commodities are far more valuable to the quality of life.  

Just a thought

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