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Possible Impactite found in Howard County, IN/Greetings Nug Shooters!

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Hello Nugget Shooter Forum!

Since this is my 1st post, I wanna preface by saying that I will probably be "one of those guys" who must be posting every meteowrong that will fit in his home, and shamelessly will ask every time, "What about this one?" And the answer, true to form, will invariably be some variation(clever? hey its not a pun) of "Nope."

That said, I truly am 100% grateful and thankful for every reply. I really do appreciate those sage forumer types whose knowledge springs up from a very deep, almost bottomless pool. I will always defer, with great relish, to the wisdom of those few. Something I learned when starting out as a fledgling arrowhead hunter. Everything is a pocket possible at first. Now I can identify throwbacks on my own.

Meteowrongs however, I am nowhere near even knowing if I will ever graduate from the newbie "better hold on to this on til.." stage. Seriously.. You'll see. Lol. But ultimately, for me, its about fun first.

And just one more thing Id like to mention about this 1st post. Usually I am gunna just have an image or few, with a couple details or questions and thats about it. But this being my 1st, I wanna get it outta the way, and Just post a vdeo that I just made because it seemed like the easiest way to show the overall shape and different angles that a still image just cant show.

Its egregiously lengthy, kinda, and that is uncommon for me as well. I really hope that many of you will check this out and let me know what you tink. Like whether or not u agree or disagree. All thought welcome and appreciated.

So without further ado...


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No need to apologize, mate! I appreciate your opinion. And Ive been in agreement with ya that it isn't a meteorite, since right after finding it a couple years ago. But I was more specifically wondering just if anyone, like yourself, could say if it could at all be, or could not at all be, some of the ejecta of terrestrial material, that gets flung into the air from an impact event. Which was clearly answered by your response. So, you're thinking is not related.                                       

Thanks for the input Morlock!

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A couple side questions, are shatter cones and tektites technically considered  impactites? And am I correct to refer to any ejecta made of terrestrial material as impactite:89:

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